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  • Subscribe - Free VideosAmerica's Fastest Growing Diet and Exercise Platform| LLTFF (A Personal Fitness, Exercise Lifestyle & Training Company) "Llewellyn the Fit Foodie"Weight loss

    Thank You For Subscribing! Thank you for subscribing to LLTFF! We are excited to help you achieve lasting health results. Please follow up on our social media pages, attend our special events, and stay up to date with the most challenging exercises yet to come! Welcome to the LLTFF Family! Sincerely, Llewellyn the Fit Foodie Founder & CEO LLTFF Workout on Us!! Play Video Play Video 01:05 LLTFF Intro Play Video Play Video 01:58 Core 4 Warm Up Free Trial Play Video Play Video 05:14 LLTFF Veteran (Land Station) Free trial Love the workouts so far? It only gets better from here! Let's Keep You Moving!

  • LLTFF America's fastest growing Weight loss program | Llewellyn the Fit FoodieWeight loss

    or scroll down for more info Start your journey today, schedule a free 1:1 Are you tired of not having the body of your dreams? I was... Schedule with Llewellyn the Fit Foodie WHO IS LLEWELLYN THE FIT FOODIE & LLTFF? (AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING WEIGHT LOSS, DIET PROGRAM) We all started somewhere... Welcome! I'm Llewellyn the Fit Foodie! ​ Llewellyn sheds light on how a simple combination of home bodyweight exercises, the power of changing eating habits, and minimal cardio can help people live long healthy lives. Llewellyn has also revealed that he understands exactly how difficult maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be, but more importantly how dangerous not maintaining one is. The phenomenal fitness expert and wellness coach runs a weight loss transformation program that guides people on simple lifestyle changes they can adopt to lose excess weight and become the best version of themselves. Read More — TAKE THE FIRST STEP ON A JOURNEY THAT PUSHES YOU TO THE LIMIT Join Now LLTFF Slim & Thick $159.99 Join LLTFF Veteran $179.99 Join L2F2 Champion $199.99 Join Access LLTFF your way. Plan's start as low as $1.99 or Subscribe for all access to LLTFF programs! LLTFF is a fun, and proven way to lose weight in 30 days, at home, no gym and making simple changes that lead to the Best Version of You! LLTFF is mobile, accessible, and can be done anywhere and anytime! Join Our Online Programs WHY SHOULD I JOIN LLTFF? Why Should I join image 1 Our elders said it best, "Keep It Simple" and that's what my program is "SIMPLE!" Why Should I join image 2 Once you apply the tools I will share with you, a new life , and lifestyle are formed from the inside out! Why Should I join image 3 Together we will discover the happiest and healthiest you possible! What clients are saying Here's what clients of the LLTFF program are achieving, and saying using the LLTFF exercise program: Yes The Fit Foodie Program works!!! I started it 38 days ago and I am 35lbs down and gaining muscle and strength consistently shedding fat all the while enjoying delicious healthy meals I make at home. This entire program I do AT HOME with miraculous results. I have photos to prove my transformation. It happened so fast that everyone is asking me what’s my secret.... I have more energy than ever before and eat so much less, it’s truly amazing! Vernon 120 days program Take a look at my 150 LBS transformation using what I will share with you. The LLTFF exercise program broken-down into 120 days LLTFF is based on 4 simple exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. All at your pace and intensity level. Tales from the SweatShop with Llewellyn (Podcast) Showing you how to Eat Out, Go Out and Party (when Covid ends), Travel the World, and still loose weight! LLEWELLYN THE FIT FOODIE SOCIAL MEDIA Join me as I provide quick tips, interesting places, and the story of our journey! All Videos Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing LLTFF Veteran (Land Station) Free trial 05:14 Play Video Now Playing Core 4 Warm Up Free Trial 01:58 Play Video Now Playing LLTFF Veteran Air Station (pt4) $ 04:43 GET IN TOUCH Got Questions? Just Contact Me Below First Name Email Last Name Subject Message Submit

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  • LLTFF Veteran

    No games! No BREAKS! NO TIME TO STOP! This is BEAST MODE! This program is designed to make the beast inside of all of us come out to play!

  • L2F2 Champion

    25 Days of LLTFF Beast Mode with no days off, that's just how you qualify to start this program! This program is for those that can handle the pressure and live up to the highest in LLTFF standards! (25 days of consistency = diet, documented exercise days, and can crush the "LLTFF Beast Mode" routine in your sleep! This is where LLTFF Champions are made. Are you ready?

  • LLTFF Slim & Thick

    This program is designed to get you tight in all the right places, while helping you craft the best version of yourself

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