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"Ooooh Fux!" The Movie


January 13, 2023

Film Name:

"Ooooh Fux!" The Movie

It's Friday night, and the Robinsons are Chillin! Mr. Robinson (after a long week) is having a beer, and his baby "Casondra" ask's Darrell to take out the trash before they hit the hay.

Every night in Life is the same...until it isn't! When the lights go out, and your "bea" won't answer your calls, what do you do?!?!

"Ooooh Fux!" is a cult classic in the making. Suspense, Fear, Uneasiness, and Pain, and that is just the first:10 seconds of the film!

From the minds at LLTFF productions... "Ooooh Fux!"

What will "You Do?"

Directed by Llewellyn Christian
Llewellyn the fit Foodie as "Darrell Robinson"

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